the wackness.

i must say, this was a great ending to a boring saturday.

spontaneously driven, i called up a friend and said “hey lets go watch the wackness.”

we did and it was amazing! 

although after the movie we had the sudden urge to smoke cigarettes, drink beer, and get high

off of weed. we were close to going into the driveway of a liquor store, but after a while

the feeling had passed, and we ended up at denny’s…as usual. 

the music was great, the acting was great, and it made me realize…

as sucky as life can get, all you can do is embrace the pain and live.

like seriously…really LIVE. 

here’s the trailer:


summer obsession.

the 14 year old girl inside of me has let loose.

it’s kind of hard to be all sophisticated chic when all i can

think about or talk about is the Jonas Brothers. lame..i know. 

but my girlfriends and i are just obsessed. 

and of course…i’m the pedophile while my friend gets the legal boy. 


[unfortunately, i think this is the only boy action i’m going to get this summer..

& i’d have it no other way.]



new found ART

i love art. 

when i was little, i thought to myself, “wow, my drawings are pretty great!”

but now…they’re total shit. well maybe not that extreme, but i’m not too proud of them.

so i wondered  to myself…what can i do that involves art, but doesn’t involve me drawing or painting or sculpting. then art history came to mind. and of course, it’s my major now.

but i’ve always wanted to create art. 

to express myself. 

so i started to scrapbook. not the ordinary type of scrapbooking. but collages and 

pieces of memories thoughtfully pasted together. 


which brings me to today.

after watching imogen heap blogging about her album on youtube,

i suddenly got the urge to finally finish my scrapbook..and i knew exactly

what i wanted to do. 

i remember having this kit to make flowers which came with wires.

so i decided to use that. and luckily enough…i created things that made me smile.

i hope to make some more complex things..but for now flowers will do…and the butterfly was made by accident!


the times i come back to my hometown of Los Angeles,

i find myself bored and stuck with nothing to do.

pondering at the thought of “what should we do today?”

and figuring out where to go. 


main attractions of summer so far:





being apart of the audience for free shows like jimmy kimmel live and FN MTV



main attractions yet to be seen but will be soon seen:

every museum in the Los Angeles area

parks…if we’re brave enough

you have no idea what i’m talking about. but i do. and that is what matters.

like the many times i have felt this feeling, every time is like the first time.

what’s to complain about when everything is good in life..not perfect..but good.


stupid infatuations that make me realize the reality of it all.

knowing that i don’t really like you because honestly…nothing will ever happen between you and i.

we are just two different people, and better off as friends.

(i’m laughing inside with embarrassment)


and as much as i dislike your guts right now..and how everytime i think of you

or your name comes up i want to scream…

it’s life, and i’ll have to deal with it my own way. even if that means i’ll have to 

leave the room and having my friends see less of me because you’re around.


on another note..


i hope to God that this “thing” will last because i’m getting tired of quitting.

i want to feel alive and happy every minute of the day 

and if that means being in pain for a couple months…i’ll have to try harder.

trust that this is not for them because i have finally come to realize that it has to be for me.


and i’m not ready…while everyone else has experienced this magic,

i haven’t. 

i’m scared to death of what might happen when the time comes, but i’m sure it’ll be amazing.

but for now, i don’t wish to have that magic. i don’t need that magic. 

because i have better things. friends.


said to be the fingertip of God

it is magnificent today.

unusual, but nonetheless, magnificent.


not the crest white as it usually is

but today is unusual.

like a dirty white that has been stained with yellow.


it is not reminiscent of a fairy tale.

yet, it fills my heart with fantasy.


with no stars in the sky

just city lights and the lonely moon.


we sit and chat like old friends.