i’ve never really been the type of person to go crazy for the holiday season

but for some odd reason, i’m really excited this year.

even though there is no one special to cuddle with

it doesn’t matter cause my friends and family are WAY better.

i think i’m happier this year cause i’ve changed.

it’s like i see life in a new light.

it’s pretty amazing.


it took 20 years, but i’m finally here.

after listening to all the people close to me, i think i’m finally going to listen. i’ve felt this way before, but i think this time it’s different. i’m beginning to believe instead of nodding and replying ” i know, i know.” i think it’s time for me to take my own advice and take others as well. i am truly beginning to love myself for the first time in 20 years, and it feels amazing.

break out.

i’m starting to slowly break out of my shell. i’ve met so many great new people within the last few months and i’m so thankful for them. they made me realize how fun life can be and how great i can be. i think it’s time i embrace my whole self and believe in myself rather than set my feelings aside in a dusty corner. i hope this “new” me will last because i’m tired of waiting for things to happen…when i know i can make them happen.