a little Tim Burton in my head.

the window is open and a breeze comes my way.

my red curtains have a life of their own,

like blood on my walls they brighten my day.

the cellophane thats on the floor is crackling a ling.

i open my eyes and what do i see? 

nothing is there for me, nothing enchanting i see,

nothing just nothing. oh my. 


eerie and dark they must think i am foolish

but i just want to be alone.

my little wooden door is open for you to come 

why won’t we just sit and talk.


voices are in my ear, i don’t listen

cotton clouds are overhead drowning them out.

piano sounds are in my head overclouding my thoughts

pictures of us are lingering on us, when will you come back…


its time to move on don’t you think?

so i why are you here?

just let me be, unfortunately. oh my.



insomnia brings such weird yet creative thoughts in my mind. it might be a song or just a poem full of empty thoughts. we’ll see.


Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas! I am yet again in the process of disturbing my sleeping schedule. It is 4am and i’m still awake keeping busy on youtube. This is one of my favorite videos. Nataly is an amazing musician and she made one of my favorite songs even more amazing. 


Today is just another day for him.

Today was the day her life would change forever.

Same routines, while taking the same routes.

Their paths would never cross. But today was different.

Her mind was wandering. Occupied in her thoughts to the point where she took the wrong turn.

He was engulfed in the book his mother bought him for his birthday. Leading him to take the right turn that led him into her life. 

Boy and Girl. 

With both their heads down, they soon bumped heads.

She looked down and took one look at the book and smiled.

He on the other hand was mesmorized by her elegant smile but frowned. 

She was bleeding. 

Slowly but surely he took her hand and as their eyes met he wiped off the blood from her elbow.

Without saying a word, they held each others hands and knew. 


Like any happy ending they should have walked off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

But instead they walked toward the nearest cafe for a cup of black coffee slightly sweetened, their favorite.

To Do List.

Winter Break To Do List:

1. relax.

2. spend time with family and the best of friends.

3. visit Museums and Art Galleries around Los Angeles.

4. try exotic food dishes.

5. make a diorama of my imagination.

6. read D.H. Lawrence. according to Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) from Pleasantville, it’s very sexy).

7. midnight hang outs.

8. finish The Historian.

9. watch more Daria episodes.

10. stay happy.


One more final at 3:30 and i’m FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Happy Holidays =)

tears i have cried.

slices and slices of pizza that are getting lost in the pile of papers that are waiting for me. 

define every concept, every term, every damn word on the page.

it’s getting to the best of me.

in the background are bunches and bunches of rock songs mixed with sad melancholy songs that keep playing over and over again.

in the distant background i hear laughter and ease in their voices. yelling “free at last, free at last.” 

oh i wish for time to race forward.

i’d wake up to a beautiful morning, chilly and sunny.

i’d know the material like the back of my hand and i’d do well enough to the point where i’d be satisfied. 

this is the time of year i hate. i wish to turn back time and to do things right. thoroughly get every sentence and every concept. engulf my life with it. 

oh God…please remember to read this at the beginning of the new year and remind yourself to remember this moment. this despair that is in your heart and the heartache caused by your own disappointment.

Lost and Obsessed.

Like the phases of fashion i am once again lost and yearning to change.

i don’t reach for the high waisted skirts any longer. still in my heart but wanting more.

Lately i’ve been obsessed with:

1. Britney Spears’ new album, Circus.

2. Fantasy (mainly cotton clouds)

clouds Sip My Ocean

3. Jewelry (chunky bracelets, bow necklaces, bangles, & rings)

4. The Science of Sleep

Over It.

“boy crazy.” that is what they called me. and i knew it. i loved being it. 

but i have slowly come to realize that i’m tired.

i’ve said it before…but i honestly am. i’m passing every face that i would have probably gone crazy for.

yet i turn my head and forget about it all. i have lost the ability to feel the nervous butterflies and have the blushing cheeks. 

i’m done being patient and waiting. 

if i don’t feel a spark that lets me know that my prince charming has come, i’ll probably let him go.

not knowing the damage that i have done to my never beginning love life. 

(that’s right. it hasn’t even begun.)

I’ve Always Loved You.

i’m content.

i’ve learned to be myself

and i’ve learned to accept and love the person i am.

but sometimes,

there’s that feeling i get.

deep in my heart and in the bottom of my soul.

sometimes i wish i can have that

i can’t breathe whenever i think about you,

that i can’t speak whenever i talk about you feeling.

but luckily for me that feeling leaves my heart within a day

and i can breathe again.