Play Hard.


So i haven’t been to one of these yet. Its time to finally pop my palooza cherry cause i’m actually home this time to attend this epic party. 


so bring the party hats,

drop dead gorgeous outfits,

a personality,

dancing shoes,

and a whole lot of energy…drinks.


its going to be crazy.


one glance is all it takes.


this feeling of amazing

like the first breath that is your last

colors and colors of everything.


textured memories that feel

sound and visuals melt to make a whole

knee high weeds that tickle the senses

and open the door to imaginary.


your heart will lead and love will follow.


windy roads churn the stomach 

above is an ocean of black and blue

dirtied by specks of light and milky ways. 


unexplainable feelings that come with strange sounds

the nature of this love is mind boggling 


lay down





and one glance is all it takes.

live it.

big beats fill up the air as my heart pounds with the music.

screaming and laughter combined are the joys of these kinds of nights.

a birthday wish and kings cup 

a made up game and rockband

playing spoons with forks and shots.


sleepovers might be a children’s game

but for us, its what reunites us and means no sleep.


flashing lights every 5 minutes or every 5 seconds

that capture the memories that will last a lifetime.


staying up til 7 in the morning and then knocking out

after singing, drumming, and strumming. 


after 11 years of knowing,

things will never change between us.

enjoy life, drink life, live life.

& let the happiness continue.


Summer 2008. 

so far so good.


the heat is piercing and warm

like wrapped up in a blanket of hot air

suffocating you.


white pillows covering the ocean blue

the sight of orange, yellow, and red hues 

are no where in sight.


a simple sweet conversation made up.

i wish i could live that simple sweet conversation.

but this conversation with you shall do.


now and then there is a hello between us

followed by our how are you’s

and maybe a random conversation full of laughter

and tiny smiles.


oh how i miss you…but i am the only one feeling this way between us.