i’m alright.

the simple things.
no riches
no fame
no glory
none of that sort.

the little things.
just because
makes life better.

sadness is what makes happiness so great.
happiness is what makes life so great.

lets go back.
go back to childhood.
lets be carefree.

sing and dance with me.
write poetry with me.
read literature with me.
stargaze with me.
explore the world with me.

this feeling isn’t new,
but it sure feels good to realize.
realize life is good just the way it is.


deep inside.

for who i am
the way i am
how i act
how i love
love me.

be inspired
don’t run
from me.

be sure.
be sure of how you feel.
do you really??
because i do, i have always.

break it
mend it
miss it
search for it
my heart.


it is all about love.
but first, i must love my own kind
before i can love you.