Something New

2011, so far you have been nothing but relaxing. While still enjoying my freedom from responsibilities that will soon be a reality come Monday morning, i’m running off the high from sibling bonding and well, the good stuff on earth. Above are some of my favorite photos that i have taken while on vacation in Los Angeles. These memories will be in my heart for a lifetime.

Leaving for San Francisco on Saturday with my brother, and i am super excited that he agreed to spend a couple of days with me up north!!!


Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

I woke up about 2 hours ago and even now, i can feel you. I can feel your hands interlaced in mine. I can even feel your smile. This is what happens when i hibernate too much. I dream and dream and dream about wonderful things. And of course the only thing i remember is the last dream, but it was also the best one. To be that free and happy…and to not be afraid of it all. I can’t wait till that day comes where all my inhibitions are gone, and the real me comes out…with you.

Sunrise, Sunset

The dust on the windowsill is collecting

tiny pieces of what we had.

As the room starts to spin you’re

right here with me, beside me

a breathe.

Inhale and exhale as you used to say

with your furry brows and clean stare

right into my soul.

Maybe it’s all make believe

maybe i’ve lost it all, lost hope

maybe i’m where i’m supposed to


Day 2

I hate that it’s getting darker faster. My eyes are slowly getting heavier as if a tiny thread is sewing them shut.

My mind is somewhere else. Maybe it’s the sickness that is creeping up on me that is forcing my brain to swirl.


my hole

I can’t say if i’ve dug my own hole. I guess it’s better to say that life has dug my hole and i partially helped dig it. But now that i look down that hole…i see that i’m  still in it. And the funny thing is, is no matter how much i talk about this thing, i really don’t want to help myself out of this godforsaken hole. Yes i agree with all my faults and flaws and i don’t deny any of it, at all.  I actually think i embrace it all.

I’m okay with what will most likely happen in the future. Why?

Because it is how i have been living, all my life.

Day 1

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and the brisk cold winds are blowing beautiful hats away. As i sit in the corner at my work desk in the oldest building on campus, my hands are starting to shake…or have been shaking actually. I don’t know why but it is starting to worry me.

So many whimsical thoughts are running through my brain today. Like colorful cutouts to tape to my crisp white walls and hanging beauties from the ceiling.

Adding to all the excitement is the sushi dinner i will be having tonight.


i have a list

In my mind i have a list of things to do, yet i haven’t touched one thing. Elaborate plans that are whimsical and that i yearn to bring alive, yet i haven’t lifted a finger. It is like an invisible string that is tied low to the ground in my mind in that if i walk forward, i will trip and fall into a hole of nothing-ness. Of course this isn’t real. Then why can’t i do it? Just do it i say, but again, nothing.

My mind is beginning to swirl.

sitting in a cafe

i’m sitting in a cafe wrapped in a bubble of “don’t bother me, i’m studying.” and this song, this song came up and left me in a trance. all the information on advertising and creative bullshit went out the window. i’m repeating over and over again, “someday my pain will walk..” “what might have been lost…don’t bother me.”

i’m trying my hardest to hold back tears. it’s catching up to me. physically and mentally. i’m afraid i’ll never know how to balance my life…consistently.

and back to studying i go.

quiet office day

The office is quiet today. It’s a quiet Friday and the sun has retreated back into the thick clouds and the fog has come back. It’s nice though. Midterms are over and i have a pile of reading that is waiting for me, which i will get to tomorrow. But tonight is going to be a splendid night full of debauchery with my girlfriends. I have been waiting for this for a loooong time.

2 weeks.

Something has changed

deep within my soul

i know something has changed.

A flip of a switch you could say

that my off button has suddenly turned on.

2 weeks.

2 weeks that changed my insides for a lifetime

and i can not be happier.

at work post.

My time has become somewhat a little wasted. But the funny thing is, i don’t feel guilty about it. Yes i’ve become a lazy, unmotivated, in bed most of the day kind of girl…but i really couldn’t ask for more. My alone time has become so precious to me that i actually like it.  Although, i do like my random sporadic moments of adventure. I’ve come to realize that i can do anything i want…and that feeling is so grand.

summer morning

i’m up early today.

and as i stare at my walls,

my clean white walls, which are complimented by my rothko poster, sarah spitler painting, & my pen pals photography,

i am happy.

my 21st birthday balloons are scattered on the floor,

and as i am listening to my all time favorite songs,

i am happy.


i overanalyze.

i put a smile on to hide it all away.

i keep thinking over and over what could i have done

to make it all better.

i overanalyze.

i feel like i get it too easy, even though i think life is hard.

i repeat to myself that others have it worse.

i wish i had it worse.

sometimes…i think like this.

but life goes on.