it was like…magic.

spontaneous trips at night.

an adventure in of itself.

made me realize how much i love it.

in the day time,

in the night time.

i fall in love, each time.

your dazzling lights that seem to go on forever,

accentuate the delicate architecture of the victorian.


tonight was so chill. went party hopping after work with my dsw girls. best part? eating at nations before ending the night. even though i have work in 6 hours but only have 4 hours to sleep…i don’t regret a thing.


I Like, Sailing Home

i’m sitting here and listening to this melodic electronic amazing sound, and all the while

my mind is my heart and my soul is in front of my body.

my feet feel like they’re dancing and swaying with the beats

but really, they are completely still.

the world is still,

my body is still,

but my mind races.



early cartoons,

nothing to do but play and live.

so carefree,

and nothing can touch us.

as we held hands we looked up

and screamed.

so loud we felt the clouds take form

of our imagination.

2 sheets, some pillows, a long stick,

and some tape.

we become invisible.

the bad days don’t exist inside.

Beautiful Mess

Has this happened before?

This subtle nudge i feel in my heart.

I have felt this before.

It’s the beginning of a beautiful mess

that i don’t want to pick up anymore.

There you will stay, a mess.

We’ll make angels in it and roll around in it.

If i’m lucky enough, i’ll let you in.

Into the mess that is my heart.

Other Side.

the sun,

it shines on the top of our soon to be grown up skins.

beads of sweat drip down as we laugh to our youth.

stomach pains of abs contracting gives us a reason to take a breath,

and continue.

yes, the grass is greener on the other side

but what does it take to get there?

I know better now…

i’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. i don’t know why.

i don’t know if you’ve ever missed me but i know i’ve missed you.

you were such a big part of my life and

i think that’s why i’ve been mad for such a long time.

but i’m not mad anymore. i’m not the same person you once knew.

i want to talk to you so badly,

i just don’t know what words i would say.

i’m really not sure if your ever going to see this but i miss you

사 랑.


this heart, my heart.

it doesn’t care as much anymore.

crush it to pieces and nothing is left

for me to spare.

i want to yell and scream my words

but my words stop me.

a brick wall that grows in my esophagus

yields me to say what i mean.

and what i mean to say is not what my

heart wants to say.

always a tug of war with my mind and heart.

sometimes i just want to pack everything and go somewhere.

to do what i want and say what i want without having to hold it in

or hide it.


scattered  paint on the wall,

mixed up and fast paced

on our wall.

it oddly reminds me of us now,

cause our lives have been turned upside down.

what happened?

where did it go,


even now i look back and wonder.

what could have been us,

what could of been great,

it was all thrown away.

what seemed to be real,

what seemed to be fate,

it was all just fake.