he says

you’re the loveliest person i’ve encountered.

and my heart skips a beat.


this song

the creme laced curtains were held back and the light drowned the room in soft daylight.

as the song started, the words of shakespeare inspired.

so much that the leaves of all the trees swayed and danced to the piano keys of wainwright.

her eyes were stuck, like a magnet the foliage took a hold of it all.

and as each tear passed

she knew no love could be greater.

at work post.

My time has become somewhat a little wasted. But the funny thing is, i don’t feel guilty about it. Yes i’ve become a lazy, unmotivated, in bed most of the day kind of girl…but i really couldn’t ask for more. My alone time has become so precious to me that i actually like it.  Although, i do like my random sporadic moments of adventure. I’ve come to realize that i can do anything i want…and that feeling is so grand.