i close my eyes and my heart beats faster

a smile grazes my face 

and it stays there for what feels like forever.


it is not love and it is not like

nor is it smitten

just a feeling that brightens the day.


it’s electric.

heart throbbing 

heart wrenching

mind consuming



in a daze

in a trance

in another state of mind

lets fall.


red lips 

piercing looks

drums beating infinitely. 


forever hours of high.

forever moves of dance.

forever the moments that define happiness.


lets keep


to this heartbeat. 


it’s electric. 


the piercing bright colors

seep into my skin.


the cold icy breeze

breaks my mind in deep thought.


“what will i ever do?” she cries

“all in good time my love, all in good time.” he replies


standing on the edge

and you hope to fall.

sea breeze, salt winds, ocean tides.

i need you.


i can hear those strings from a mile away

don’t let me drown.

cause i’m drowning in your words.


deep balled up pain, it’s a discomfort.

tear ducts pulse against the night light

the cold wind saves and dries. 


poured out on the floor is the heart.

the heart you embraced.

the heart you forgot. 

the heart that will always be yours.

it’s been a while.

to be wise.

no matter how much you run away.

it comes with age. 


the wind, it blows.

the chimes swing in endless laughter.

a smile paints itself on your face,

as the sun shines. 


never dwell.

never regret.

never doubt. 


life goes on.

love goes on.

and your heart will eventually go on. 


being neutral is a first.

a feeling that is new

but also great. 


just give it time,

and all will fall into place.

like puzzles on a dining table.