Blue Sky

you are beautiful. that is what he says.

that cryptic smile he gives is what keeps my heart beating.

yes, the mystery in him is what gives.

an unpredictable scent that follows him like a shadow,

it makes the butterflies in my stomach flutter to no end.

we name the fluffs of water in the blue blue sky,

picking up all the wondrous figurines dancing in front of our eyes.

skaters and ballerinas, a zoo and a school of fish.

what we see is what we feel.

and we feel for each other.



i loathe the moments when a rush of salt water flows over my curled lashes.

for when those moments come everything i’ve built up breaks down.

down to the floor where i don’t know how to scoop up the mess i’ve made.

my doubts have become more apparent and my lies have become more believable.


Paper hearts line up on my arm

you put them there.

Cotton daisies are on my doorstep

you sent them here.

Yards of blue yarn

you gave me the ocean.

A thousand candles

you lit the stars in my room.


My heart was yours since the day i laid eyes

on your soul.

Till Forever

you left the light on

and i went under the board.

passing through poles

following your breathing.


the soothing waters to my left

in a pitch black airy bubble.

pinches of light you gave to me

my soul became yours.


closer and closer

i felt for you. 

i touched your heart.


electric feels through my bones

and my heart beats till forever.

I see

the pages are turning and a thrill comes over me.

a slight pain that jerks my heart 

and the sight of candy red drops to my toes.


flashback to years before

my mind is set into that same moment.

what i should have said but i didn’t.

what i could have done but didn’t.


life has changed.

i have changed…for the better.


field of daisies that is my heart

a bunch of balloons that is my soul

the non-existent is what keeps me going.

keeps me hoping,


and living.