Life at the moment

Life gets so complicated sometimes and I hate the fact that it doesn’t have to be that way. I feel myself changing again and i don’t know how i feel about things. I feel like i’m stuck in this hallway not knowing which door to open. I’ve become emotionless, apathetic, somewhat stone cold. And it’s towards everything. I just want to be alone sometimes…and it’s becoming more frequent.

On the lighter side of things, i’m glad that i barely have any classes this week. I’m going hiking with my friend Esther on Wednesday morning and i’m uber excited to breathe in the morning fresh air and be with nature. I’m also excited to be reunited with my friend Sarah (She Will Be Loved, check her out!) on Thursday. So much catching up to do and lots of yummy food to eat! =)

I need a vacation. I’m actually excited to go back home for Spring Break…basking in the sunlight with a good book sounds pretty delightful to me right now.



How lovely would it be to come across a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat.

To finally know that what is impossible is actually quite possible.

And to find out who you are.

Sail Away

How lovely would it be to sail away on the ocean? To float away in the middle of nowhere, dancing with the currents under you. And the horizon is a vast painting forming right in front of your eyes. The sun rays, the blankets of clouds, the glistening ocean waters, and the crisp blue sky.

As you focus on it a little longer, you start to imagine falling over the edge of the earth. Falling down, down. Down until the other end catches you, letting you to sail away into nothingness again.

Oh how the waves dance perfectly with the music in my ears.