new found ART

i love art. 

when i was little, i thought to myself, “wow, my drawings are pretty great!”

but now…they’re total shit. well maybe not that extreme, but i’m not too proud of them.

so i wondered  to myself…what can i do that involves art, but doesn’t involve me drawing or painting or sculpting. then art history came to mind. and of course, it’s my major now.

but i’ve always wanted to create art. 

to express myself. 

so i started to scrapbook. not the ordinary type of scrapbooking. but collages and 

pieces of memories thoughtfully pasted together. 


which brings me to today.

after watching imogen heap blogging about her album on youtube,

i suddenly got the urge to finally finish my scrapbook..and i knew exactly

what i wanted to do. 

i remember having this kit to make flowers which came with wires.

so i decided to use that. and luckily enough…i created things that made me smile.

i hope to make some more complex things..but for now flowers will do…and the butterfly was made by accident!


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