I am one lucky girl.

Days like these, I remember that I am so thankful for my best friend. I am the type of person who has many best friends & I love them all…but no one can ever replace this girl. We’ve been best friends since we were 10 years old (we’re 23 now). She knows me in & out and loves me for who I am–changes and all.

There are a lot of fucked up people in this world…a lot of fucked up people. But to have met the most genuine, loving, supportive person at a young age makes me so blessed and hopeful. Actually, all of my friends make me feel blessed and hopeful. They are all wonderful and kind people who strive to be happy and make those around them happy as well.

I must never forget this moment. Despite all the hardship in my life and in other people’s lives, I must never forget this moment.

Life is so good and it is only as good as you make of it.


To Do List.

Winter Break To Do List:

1. relax.

2. spend time with family and the best of friends.

3. visit Museums and Art Galleries around Los Angeles.

4. try exotic food dishes.

5. make a diorama of my imagination.

6. read D.H. Lawrence. according to Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) from Pleasantville, it’s very sexy).

7. midnight hang outs.

8. finish The Historian.

9. watch more Daria episodes.

10. stay happy.


One more final at 3:30 and i’m FREEEEEEEEEEE.

Happy Holidays =)


listen & read

to a place you know so well.

but not well enough.

the ins and outs of streets.

being alone never felt so good.

soak it up. everything.

the sun

the art

the people

the sights

the smells

the sounds

the beauty.

with every step and every corner

a breath of fresh air enters my mind.

excitement and adventure is all i see.

all i need is this.

this happiness that is so hard to describe.


it’s electric.

heart throbbing 

heart wrenching

mind consuming



in a daze

in a trance

in another state of mind

lets fall.


red lips 

piercing looks

drums beating infinitely. 


forever hours of high.

forever moves of dance.

forever the moments that define happiness.


lets keep


to this heartbeat. 


it’s electric. 

i’m alright.

the simple things.
no riches
no fame
no glory
none of that sort.

the little things.
just because
makes life better.

sadness is what makes happiness so great.
happiness is what makes life so great.

lets go back.
go back to childhood.
lets be carefree.

sing and dance with me.
write poetry with me.
read literature with me.
stargaze with me.
explore the world with me.

this feeling isn’t new,
but it sure feels good to realize.
realize life is good just the way it is.