Something New

2011, so far you have been nothing but relaxing. While still enjoying my freedom from responsibilities that will soon be a reality come Monday morning, i’m running off the high from sibling bonding and well, the good stuff on earth. Above are some of my favorite photos that i have taken while on vacation in Los Angeles. These memories will be in my heart for a lifetime.

Leaving for San Francisco on Saturday with my brother, and i am super excited that he agreed to spend a couple of days with me up north!!!


Oh Brother…

i remember the times you used to scare me shitless with your halloween monster mask. the times you used to tickle my feet till i cried from laughing so hard. playing hide and go seek, building forts and telling scary stories. remember those times at the snow when we’d ride the tubes? i was so scared…but you held my hand.

then you grew up and i stayed little. 7 years apart is a big gap and for most of my life i didn’t know who you were.

but now i’m all grown up, and our relationship is no longer that of strangers. i feel as though my heart is almost full because your in my life again. i love seeing your name on my cell phone whenever you call. those tiny chats mean the world to me.

love you big brother.


i’ve never really been the type of person to go crazy for the holiday season

but for some odd reason, i’m really excited this year.

even though there is no one special to cuddle with

it doesn’t matter cause my friends and family are WAY better.

i think i’m happier this year cause i’ve changed.

it’s like i see life in a new light.

it’s pretty amazing.

i’m here. i’m here.

in an instant. 

that’s how it happens.

everything you live and breathe, 

everything that’s in your heart,



like wilting petals from a flower.

beautiful and vibrant,

then one day it wilts.

floating all the way down to the ground.


all we have is each other.

all we can do is pray.

all we can do is hope for the best,

that things will get better.