DIY Flower Crown

I’ve decided to go as a Dia De Los Muertos Doll for Halloween this year. So, to sweeten up my costume I thought I’d make a flower crown. Turns out, it’s really simple and super fun!

Things you’ll need:

headband, masking tape, faux flowers, & a hot glue gun (I couldn’t find mine so I just used rubber cement).

1. Wrap your headband in masking tape.

2. Pull the pretty flower buds from their metal stems.

3. Glue each bud to your headband.

4. Let it dry completely & then have some fun!



DIY Screenprinted Tee


Thanks to Calico Skies, my best friend, Jen, and I decided to make our own screenprinted tees. What a seriously fun way to express yourself on a tee! I wanted to put something that had meaning and what is more perfect than these words, Live True. This saying means a lot to me. It came into fruition back when I was living in San Francisco and now, more than ever I need to remember these words. To live true to myself and never lose track of what makes my heart beat. 

Oh Yann…

i want to fly through the soul in which you call your own.

what goes on in that mind of yours? i may never know.

the way you move makes me want to move with you in unison.


like a bird, you move your limbs so gracefully, 

i can’t even imagine anything more beautiful.

up and down, a little flutter that pitter pats in my heart

        it’s indescribable, i am left speechless.


at times you are eerie.

like a black cloud is hovering above you.

you know it’s there and yet you keep it there for a muse.

even then i still yearn to move with you.


my own little lullaby which no one will understand 

only you will, because you have created it. 


the buttons you push in my heart is what i love.

the feeling of “i feel alive.”

          that is all you give, and all i will ever take.

a little Tim Burton in my head.

the window is open and a breeze comes my way.

my red curtains have a life of their own,

like blood on my walls they brighten my day.

the cellophane thats on the floor is crackling a ling.

i open my eyes and what do i see? 

nothing is there for me, nothing enchanting i see,

nothing just nothing. oh my. 


eerie and dark they must think i am foolish

but i just want to be alone.

my little wooden door is open for you to come 

why won’t we just sit and talk.


voices are in my ear, i don’t listen

cotton clouds are overhead drowning them out.

piano sounds are in my head overclouding my thoughts

pictures of us are lingering on us, when will you come back…


its time to move on don’t you think?

so i why are you here?

just let me be, unfortunately. oh my.



insomnia brings such weird yet creative thoughts in my mind. it might be a song or just a poem full of empty thoughts. we’ll see.

Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas! I am yet again in the process of disturbing my sleeping schedule. It is 4am and i’m still awake keeping busy on youtube. This is one of my favorite videos. Nataly is an amazing musician and she made one of my favorite songs even more amazing.