How fast time goes

It’s been an interesting week. Interesting in the fact that it’s been one of those “where did the time go?” weeks. I really can’t believe it’s thursday already which means my weekend starts at 5 after my class. If 3 months go by in an instant like this week, tomorrow might as well  be my 21st birthday.

I’m so excited to turn 21 even though i know the excitement will drift away when the day comes. I’m sure it’s the anticipation that is keeping me so excited. This will be the first time planning a big party ever since my 17th birthday. I’m planning on throwing a fairytale 21st birthday party. You know, with plastic crowns and tiaras, bottles and bottles of champagne, dozens of cupcakes, and everybody dressed as their favorite fairytale character. I can’t wait for this magical night.

2010 so far has been very good to me. The excitement doesn’t end yet! I’m also looking forward to the summertime because i’ll be going to Korea for 2 weeks with my friend Esther. It was a spontaneous suggestion which then turned into a spontaneous  reality. I still can’t believe i’ll be traveling to different country without my parents. It’s time to spread my wings and go on some really big adventures.

oops, my work just ended. time to go to my only class today! and HELLO weekend. (super excited to go check out a house in the Sunset this weekend. potential future home? yesssss)


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