After all these months which felt like years,

I finally know for sure what i felt for you.

I fell hard…maybe too hard. 


I know it’s only been 2 years

but out of all them,

you were the only one who made my heart drop..and you still do.


Everyone else were just attractions and little crushes.

You were neither…you took me by storm. 


I don’t know when i’ll see you or when i’ll talk to you,

but i know that when i do, all those feelings will rush back to me. 


I haven’t seen you in about 8 months.

but these 8 months have felt like 2 years. 

and finally after all this time, trying to figure out what 

i truly felt for you…i know. 


There is only one person who blew me away, and it was you.

just you…


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