Oh Yann…

i want to fly through the soul in which you call your own.

what goes on in that mind of yours? i may never know.

the way you move makes me want to move with you in unison.


like a bird, you move your limbs so gracefully, 

i can’t even imagine anything more beautiful.

up and down, a little flutter that pitter pats in my heart

        it’s indescribable, i am left speechless.


at times you are eerie.

like a black cloud is hovering above you.

you know it’s there and yet you keep it there for a muse.

even then i still yearn to move with you.


my own little lullaby which no one will understand 

only you will, because you have created it. 


the buttons you push in my heart is what i love.

the feeling of “i feel alive.”

          that is all you give, and all i will ever take.


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