Do i really???

i love the nights when my roommates and i get together and just talk. 

it’s real talk. whether it’s about guys, views on life, morals…we talk about anything.

which made me realize, on the topic of guys, do i really like him??


that is the question on my mind right now.

what is it about him that i like? i’ve said it before, but now that i think about it…there’s no “wow” factor. i’ve never had a full on conversation with him, and i love conversations that can go on for days. i have yet to experience that with him. i’m kind of getting tired of always trying to talk to him when i get nothing in return. i feel stupid sometimes after i talk to him because it was meaningless. i need depth, i need something that tells me i’m not wasting my time. 

i feel like i’m wasting my time.


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