Today is just another day for him.

Today was the day her life would change forever.

Same routines, while taking the same routes.

Their paths would never cross. But today was different.

Her mind was wandering. Occupied in her thoughts to the point where she took the wrong turn.

He was engulfed in the book his mother bought him for his birthday. Leading him to take the right turn that led him into her life. 

Boy and Girl. 

With both their heads down, they soon bumped heads.

She looked down and took one look at the book and smiled.

He on the other hand was mesmorized by her elegant smile but frowned. 

She was bleeding. 

Slowly but surely he took her hand and as their eyes met he wiped off the blood from her elbow.

Without saying a word, they held each others hands and knew. 


Like any happy ending they should have walked off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

But instead they walked toward the nearest cafe for a cup of black coffee slightly sweetened, their favorite.


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