tears i have cried.

slices and slices of pizza that are getting lost in the pile of papers that are waiting for me. 

define every concept, every term, every damn word on the page.

it’s getting to the best of me.

in the background are bunches and bunches of rock songs mixed with sad melancholy songs that keep playing over and over again.

in the distant background i hear laughter and ease in their voices. yelling “free at last, free at last.” 

oh i wish for time to race forward.

i’d wake up to a beautiful morning, chilly and sunny.

i’d know the material like the back of my hand and i’d do well enough to the point where i’d be satisfied. 

this is the time of year i hate. i wish to turn back time and to do things right. thoroughly get every sentence and every concept. engulf my life with it. 

oh God…please remember to read this at the beginning of the new year and remind yourself to remember this moment. this despair that is in your heart and the heartache caused by your own disappointment.


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