As much as i dislike some parts of thanksgiving,
i’m not going to lie. i’m kind of excited and happy.
even though after all the “hello’s” i’ll go straight to my room
and be a loner, i’m just happy to see his face.

I admit, i do miss my brother.
haven’t spoken or seen him since…i don’t even remember when i last saw him.
surely there will be no hugs, but my heart will be warm at the sight of knowing he is well.

On another note,
my mother is quite the bitch and comedian.
words from my mother right when i woke up:
“you were mad so you ate a bagel last night huh”
me: “no…i was hungry.”
“are you sure? cause it’s ok if your mad. i’d be mad.”
me:”i’m sure! =)”
“wow, i’d be like ‘who are you, get out of my sight you son of a bitch’ i’m mean like that”
me: LOL


anyways, happy thanksgiving!


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