stop that.

this is hard to say. i’ve never realized it before.

this feeling is hard to explain and hard to make true.

i whine and hope for that one thing with my bests.

and now i realize…i might actually be scared.

i’m running away.

wanting to be intrepid isn’t going to help me get over this.

i fear for the worst, and at this point, i’m not so adventurous either.

my heart was open and free.

i feel it slowly closing its mechanical doors on me now.

i’m used to having those random epiphanies of the future and worrying to the point where i want to cry.

those epiphanies are what makes me human, or at least feel human.

now i don’t know if i want my future to happen.

it’s crazy. i know i want my hopes to come true.

but will i ever be ready and jump in?

everyone around me has.

there’s a block of concrete sitting on my dreams of love

and it refuses to budge.


3 thoughts on “stop that.

  1. Not sure if you wanted a comment, but I thought I would just share my experience with you, since I’ve been there.

    When I am feeling intense feelings of fear, anger, worry etc. it helps me to say to myself that, this to shall pass. Feelings come and go, some good some bad. But if I hold on to them, then it becomes worse, it’s no longer pain, that nobody can help to have, it then becomes suffering, which anybody can choose not too have. So how do I get out of it. I must act my way into right thinking. Once I start taking healthy actions that get me out of my head like helping others out, exercise, seeing how somebody else is doing, then my thinking starts to shift and then I’m not feeling so scared anymore. Hope this helps! good song by the way : )

  2. romance? i wish you the best of luck suzan. relationships are a bunch of things and i wish you the best! now i wish i joined you girls during the gossip at fuddruckers…

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