Your face. It’s engulfed in the black of the night and somehow i can still find you. Even when i don’t even try. 

Your inner lullaby screams out towards me and i shed a tear because it’s a habit. A habit i never want to break.

Melancholy melodies that open my heart to you is not so rare anymore. It’s almost like a drug. Everyday. Every night. I don’t even know my true feelings.

It’s the tug-of-war that my heart is in, but no one is on the other side pulling. 

Daydream and dream at night. Those are my escape routes. I expect myself to drown in them one day and just sleep for all eternity. 

Buckets and buckets of stories in the light of the sky. i want to know them all. I want to live them all. 

I’m falling slowly and i’m hoping you’ll catch me…just once.


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