so long sweet summer.

days of mindless wanderings and unexpected journey’s.

we had no care in the world, except to live.

in a place with nothing to do but eat great food with great company,

we did just that and then some.


no need to worry about the time because we had all the time in the world.

letting it slip out of our fingers too fast to catch the moment. 

still photos that lead us back to the time when we were free.


free with responsibilities that we chose to have

and we kept everything together without complain. 

it was possibly the best i’ve ever had with the best people.


wanting to go back and run away from this…moving forward crap. 

this feeling had perished from my insides 3 months ago,

and yet here i am, feeling it again.


here i thought it was over.

done with.


and again i am alone.


this doubt.


“So I whisper in the dark,

Hoping you hear me

Do you hear me?

If I just breathe

Let it fill the space between 

I’ll know everything is alright


Every little piece of me

You’ll see

Everything is alright

Everything is alright if i just breathe… breathe”


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