happy birthday

wake up to the morning with excitement and glee

jump up and scream to the world

that it’s your day.


birthday cakes, balloons, and presents

mickey mouse and chuck e cheese

all the smiles and love fill your heart

because it’s your day.


castle jumpers are the life of the party

be careful, naughty things may happen

pizza, presents, and the best of friends

you do this for 3 years because

it’s your day.


time passes…everyone gets old.

no biggy.


i woke up and this excitement wasn’t the way it was

when i was 7, 8, or 10 years old.

i’m one year older..that’s all. 


all the love is precious and amazing.

today is no different than any other day…

it’s just that…

it’s my day.


happy 19th to me =]


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