standing on the edge

and you hope to fall.

sea breeze, salt winds, ocean tides.

i need you.


i can hear those strings from a mile away

don’t let me drown.

cause i’m drowning in your words.


deep balled up pain, it’s a discomfort.

tear ducts pulse against the night light

the cold wind saves and dries. 


poured out on the floor is the heart.

the heart you embraced.

the heart you forgot. 

the heart that will always be yours.


One thought on “drown

  1. I love the last paragraph!!
    it’s so true. and you’re such a good writer!!!
    pls visit my blog (chicamaria.wordpress.com)
    and give me ideas for my new story pls!!
    thnx for the pleasure of reading such an awsome poem.

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