the farewell was memorable
my heart was full
i will never forget that moment.

the bustle of people
conversations left and right
the world does not revolve around me
it never did, and it never will.
thank God.

baby talk is sexy
breakfast stops and coffee shots
in the fast lane. go go go.

he’s amazed with flying
it’s too cute
i can’t wait for that day.

alone never felt so good
and the sky is overflowing with gloom.

they’re everywhere
and my mind wanders
faces, all these faces are so different.

out of all the flights
i’ve never felt this way
never looked at things this way
never looked this way.

i can’t wait for the landing
its almost like a movie.

hope they smile
hope it’s love
hope it’s worth it.

but for now,
i sit and wait
and anticipate.


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