written on: May 10, 2006

Stand still that snapshot
Stand still those tears and laughs
Happiness unveiled and frozen
Sadness hidden and captured
Dancing your way through.

Bubblegum pop takes me higher
Stop right there,
Thank you very much
Back in the 90’s is what I long for

Candid smiling, laughing, angry
It happens to the best of us.
Show off your passion
Passion to love
Passion to create
The passion to be yourself.

Late night conversations
And sipping hot chocolate.
Falling asleep with the glasses on
Pillow fight anyone?

Getting dolled up
A night on the town.
Lets be pin up’s today
40’s child is calling.
Won’t you come back to me?

Weird sounds and noises
Moves us in a way
We never thought possible.
It’s all in the song
Didn’t you know?

I worry.
Worry for tomorrow
Tomorrow will be a new day.
Day’s that pass by
We take for granted.
Don’t be scared.
Just close your eyes.
I’m in heaven.


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