written on: May 8, 2006

Cause we are all damaged
Waiting to be fixed
Our dreams are all waiting
In idle and silence
And you scream
You scream out for all to hear
For all to look and see who you have become
Mistakes made, Promises broken
Keeps us going

Keep on strumming, strumming those strings
Keep on drumming, drumming those drums
Oh dear, we have gotten our hearts broken
By assholes
Time to mend? I think so.

You see the world so corrupt
Fight, fight for what you believe in
And shine.
Open your hearts and minds
Do not be afraid of the unknown
It will be good for you

Regret, take it and embrace it
Forgive and forget
Go where the wind blows
Have no doubts
Meanwhile, rock out
It’s necessary

Don’t be so pessimistic
Try to love yourself
Speak the words over and over again
Your miles apart from yourself

Smile now and then
Love is a beautiful thing
Cry, cry because it’s wonderful
Don’t forget to breathe
My life is untitled;
At the moment.


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